A properly formed grade is an important part of any landscaping or homebuilding project. Its’ job is to direct water away from the house and the neighboring property. The water then keeps flowing onto the city’s street, where it is eliminated by the sewage. Therefore, the purpose of a properly formed grade is to keep the water away from the property. However, if the grade is formed improperly, this might cause an extensive damage to the foundation, create low spots in the ground where the water will be pooling, eventually damaging the landscape. Therefore, it is important for you, as a customer, to choose the right contractor for your grading project. At Maximum Grade we know grading. Over the years, we have done many of the grading projects all around the city. We have the right equipment and the right skills to get any size project done. We understand that having a construction going on at your site could be stressful. This is why we try to be as efficient as possible to save your time and money without compromising the quality. Since we take pride in what we do, many of the home building companies in Winnipeg choose Maximum Grade as a primary grading contractor. Maximum Grade takes on challenging projects while keeping it simple for our valued customers!


At Maximum Grade, we take your excavation seriously. Whether you need your driveway or swimming pool excavated, foundation back-filled or get your ground final graded, our knowledgeable staff can always help you in choosing the right equipment.Maximum Grade values the time and the money that our customers invest into their projects. Keeping that in mind, we always try our best to provide quickest and most reliable services. We also understand that excavating projects could be stressful.  This is why, for your peace of mind, we have an experienced and knowledgeable staff as well as a full insurance coverage to take an excavating project off your shoulders. Put it simply….”Your Project is Our Project”.


Whether you want to remove an old concrete driveway, a garage pad or the garage itself, Maximum Grade can do it all. We are demolition experts specializing in residential demolition projects. We provide hassle-free services to our customers by ensuring that the demolition is done safely, promptly and clean. Maximum Grade is particular about its services and customers satisfaction. We make sure that your site stays clean after the demolition is over. We haul all the debris to the recycling sites assigned by the city of Winnipeg to make sure the disposal is done in a proper manner. One of the most important things in any demolition project is the right insurance coverage. This is why Maximum Grade has insurances in place to keep you, our valued customer, protected and with the peace of mind. Our primary goal is to take care of your project while keeping you worriless throughout the whole process.  “You would never think the demolition could be so easy”.


Maximum Grade offers competitive rates for residential and commercial snow clearing services in Winnipeg. We have monthly contracts and per-visit rates to meet the most diverse needs of the market. Over the years, we have realized that it is important to have flexible hours for snow clearing services to meet our customers’ busy schedules and avoid disturbances. This why it is important that you explain your situation to one of our team members, so we can arrange a snow clearing services that fit your busy schedule. “Every customer is unique and we shall provide the unique services”.

Pick up and Haul away

Have you gotten some garbage sitting in your back yard, dirt from your recent excavating project or anything else that needs to be picked up and hauled away? Maximum Grade can do it for you, making your property look nice and clean again. We work with various dump sites in and outside the city, which makes it easy for us to provide you with the quickest and promptest services. “If there is something that needs to be taken to a dump, CALL US and we will haul it away”.