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Excavation is not as simple of a process as it might sound in the first place. Any type of excavation should be in accordance with the city code




It is important to Call the Manitoba Hydro (204-480-1212) for a “Call Before You Dig” permit. This permit is an important, because it takes the responsibility off the customers and the contractors for damaging any hydro lines during the excavation. It is important that customers and contractors are both aware of the permit. Failure to get the permit could result in costly repairs and fines. Link to Manitoba Hydro “Call Before You Dig”  http://www.hydro.mb.ca/customer_services/permits_and_inspections/line_location.shtml



Call your telephone service provider (Example: Shaw or MTS) to make sure there are no phone lines in the excavated area. Telephone cable may run on poles above the ground which is not a threat to excavation, However, modern technology implements lines that run underground. It is important to make sure that there is no telephone or communication systems in or near the excavated area. Please visit

http://www.mts.ca/mts/support/phone+services/wiring/call+or+click+before+you+dig for MTS phone services OR http://digshaw.ca/ for Shaw phone services.



When removing, replacing or excavating city approaches it is crucial to make sure that the excavating contractor calls the city for a permit. The city inspector will come by and put an “OK” sign on the approach which means it can be removed or excavated. Failure to do so may results in significant fines for both owners and contractors. If the water shut-off is located in or near the excavated area, it is a good idea to mark it for the excavating contractors. It is not a sole responsibility of the property owner to mark the location of the water valve. However, by doing so, you make the contractor aware of its location, therefore; reducing the chance of long-lasting, inconvenient repairs. Please visit  http://winnipeg.ca/ppd/permits_demo.stm to get more information about demolition permit.



It is important to locate the gas lines. They typically run about two to three feet below the ground. It is advisable to know their exact location to prevent any possible damage. Should damage occurred, call 911, stay away from the area. Shut down all equipment in order to prevent an ignition, spark and explosion that might result in a damage to the property or serious injury.

 Please visit http://www.clickbeforeyoudigmb.com/ to get more information about “Call Before You Dig”.